San Antonio has had a spicy love affair with El Mirador since Julian and Maria Treviño opened the doors in 1960. It’s a passion fed by authentic family recipes and a legion of true-hearted fans in a city famous for Mexican food.

From 1968 to 2008, Doña Maria’s cooking drew a diverse congregation of devotees – federal judges sat alongside concrete finishers, visiting celebrities vied for seats with hotel housekeepers. And she got good press – as far back as the 1980s, her Sopa Azteca was praised in The New York Times, which also provided the recipe.

Breakfast, bronche, lonche y dinner, flavor and pasión infuse every bite of our classic Mexican cooking, served to loyal locals, infatuated visitors just discovering us, and those who just can’t stay away.

Chris Hill acquired the restaurant in 2014, promising to keep el amor burning for the alluring satisfaction of Comida Mex.

Don Julian

Doña Maria


Keep the celebration going with notable and notorious cócteles. Imbibe El Mirador classics like the Margarita Suprema and Leo’s Paloma, or opt for drinks new to the scene, such as our frozen El Diablo and the bien fuerte Distrito Federal. All drinks lovingly made with select tequila, mezcal, sotol and other spirits of good cheer. ¡Salud!

San Antonio al fresco – this is the spot. Speaking of Spot… your canine companion is welcome on the patio. Good dog! Plenty of shaded seating and ceiling fans to kick up a breeze when the weather is sultry.